The Streaming Network takes a three step approach to deliver effective Event Webcast Services. 

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STEP 1 – Consultation

Your Streaming Network Project Manager will meet with you to understand the business objective the web cast is intending to further.  It is important to understand what behaviour you are trying to promote once you have generally large and captive web cast audience. 

Covered in the consultation will also be:

  • Branding specs for the web cast pages
  • Choice of streaming media format Audio/Video
  • Choice of interactive features
  • Tracking and Registration info
  • Event Date and Logistics
  • Timelines for work to be completed (click here for work back schedules)

STEP 2 – Execution

The Day of the Event is a culmination of a lot of hard work by you developing your message and by The Streaming Networking developing the web cast and plan of execution.  We take many steps ensuring the event is a success because we know we are only as good as our last event.

  • The Project Manager remains in constant contact with you the client, onsite technical support and your web cast producer
  • Dedicated Web Cast Producer will monitor the event from our Network Operations Center checking both the signal input from your presentation and the streaming out put online
  • Technical Support agents are prepped to receive calls from any of your viewers who may be experiencing issues and will generate a report of names and phone numbers for your follow up after the event.

STEP 3 – Event Debrief

Each web cast we deliver is custom and therefore different from the last, we have found that each audience differs in a similar fashion.  For this reason it is important to hold a debrief session one to two days after the web cast to measure the effectiveness of the event and document any changes that could be made for the next event

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