Part of your Consultation will include a detailed overview of features that can be used to ensure your event webcast meets the business objective it was chosen to support. This list of features should be used as a guide for selection.

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Synchronized Slides

The presenter is able to take the audience through a powerpoint presentation while delivering the presentation (audio or video). Once archived, the slides are synched to the presenter's voice, just as they were in the live event so that the archive simulates being present when the presentation was first delivered.

The synchronized slides webcast was initially developed for the Investor Relations space and was to be used during the AGM season.  It has since been turned into a tool to present corporate presentations to large audiences and should be selected anytime the message is supported by a PPT presentation.

Lobby Page

When a client first clicks on a URL to visit a webcast they land on the Lobby Page.  The lobby page tells them what they are about to see: Date, time and title of the event are listed along with information on the speakers, topic and/or company.

Imagine the lobby page like the posters at a movie theatre. You walk into the theatre and the posters give you an idea of what each movie is like.  If the poster interests you, most likely you will pay to see that movie. Similarly, content for the lobby page is important to the success of your event.

Custom Branded Registration Page

Once the viewer visits the lobby and wants to continue on to view the webcast, they will either enter the webcast or be asked to complete a short registration page. Your client is able to determine what information is requested during registration and that information is tracked in a registration database. 

Registration is live for both the live and archived version of each event; you are able to accurately track all attendees. Posting a webcast with registration on your corporate website can be a source of lead generation as parties interested in your company or product will have to enter their name to listen to the presentation.

Custom Player

Participants view the webcast is the “player” which is actually just a Windows Media Player or Real Player (Flash and QT also used).  Enunciate will wrap the player in a design that is custom to the client including logos, title, links to topical information, downloadable resources, speaker photos or bios . . . etc.

This is where webcasting separates itself from other web presentation platforms. Each client has a different brand and a different message.  We will match the look up with that brand and message ensuring that every webcast we do promotes the client to the participant who views it.

Question Manager

This tool allows those viewing a live event to be able to ask the speaker(s) a question. Participants will be able to ask a question by simply clicking a button on the player. This question can either go directly to the presenter’s laptop or to a question screener. 

This process provides the client with greater control over their communication and ensures that no participant is able to derail the presentation with questions intended to damage the message or the presenter.

Interactive Polling

During the live event, the presenter can launch polls (multiple choice in nature). The participants will be asked to respond to before the presentation continues.  The presenter is provided with real time stats as to how the audience has voted.

Often this is used to gauge how the audience is receiving the message but can be used to gain feedback on your presentation.


The survey generally pops up at the completion of the live or archive webcast.  The survey results are linked to the participant’s registration information so you are able to know who the respondents were. 

The exit survey is a powerful tool used to gain demographic information about your audience or to better qualify sales opportunities in order to gauge the overall success of the event.


The survey can take the form of a test with right and wrong answers for every question.   Participants will be asked to complete the test at the conclusion of the webcast and will be awarded a passing or failing grade. 

This is of great benefit in the training and development space as a training session can be recorded. It can then be offered on demand for months without having to designate a human resource individual to facilitate the training.

CPE Accreditation

SN offers a turnkey CPE accreditation application allowing you to turn any webcast presentation into an accredited event. 

This application first used in the Financial Services space has grown to include Healthcare, Professional Associations and Value Added Reseller Communications.

The credit is a huge driving force for enhanced attendance

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