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The Streaming Network is Canada's leading webcasting provider. We offer a turnkey of web event services ranging from webinars to webcasts to fully immersive virtual events. Our mission is to be regarded as the North American leader in virtual event production this blog was written to show you how we are doing as we work towards this goal.

SN in the News The Streaming Network, a leader in event webcasting, virtual event management and video conferencing solutions, announced today that it has placed 4th in the 10th annual PROFIT HOT 50, a ranking presented to Canada's top emerging growth companies.

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April 2011 The 360° Event

The 360° Event enables viewers to access webcast events from any PC, Black Berry smart phone, I-phone/I-pad or Android device. When users click on the event URL, they are automatically re-directed to the webpage appropriate for their given device.

The pilot project for this service was conducted on March 30th 2011 for The Strategic Coach, where we assisted their events team to expand the reach of their live seminar by way of video webcast. Their target audience is made up of people who are consistently on the go, hence why the requirement for mobile streaming was key, as this ensured that they were able to reach as much of their potential audience as possible. One of the main objectives for this event was to generate leads, so event reporting was pivotal. To accommodate this, SN developed the 360° reporting tool, which enabled them to track all mobile registrations and views to the same effect as those who registered and/or viewed from their PC.

Watch the webcast here:

March 2011 He Shoots, He Scores! Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. goes public!

In March 2011, The Streaming Network was selected to stream Bauer Performace Sports Ltd.'s official Announcement that it had begun trading stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Live from the TSX, we worked alongside some great agency partners to deliver this short and impactful video webcast to the market as well approximately 400 Bauer employees across the globe. As many of us have grown up playing sports, we were very excited to be a part of this big day. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the technology used to execute the webcast itself, however, the entire show (from initial confirmation to delivery) was completed in less than 48 hours!
Watch the webcast here:

February 2011 Getting pumped up for The Arnold Classic Fitness Competition.

In February 2011, The Streaming Network was selected by BodyBuilding.Com to broadcast the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia fitness competitions. Up first, in March 2011, was The Arnold Classic, which was a great success, reaching over 26 countries and over 100,000 viewers in two days! Keeping in line with our focus to always be pushing the streaming envelope, we implemented a live transcoding solution. This allowed us to stream live in 10 different formats/bitrates to the web, Black Berry, I-Phones/I-Pads and Android Devices, and also included a near HD stream to the web! Check out for updates on the Mr. Olympia broadcast scheduled for September 2011!

November 2010 - Canada Post moves to the SN Webcast Center!

Canada Post is one of those highly evolved webcast users who boast their own production department and a webcast schedule with more than 90 events a year! It is not economical for producers to travel to the Canada Post venue to support these events, so the broadcast crew at Canada Post needed the ability to fully manage them. This was easily handled with them acquiring a subscription to our Webcast Center platform - but the project was not done there. Canada Post hosts events for hundreds of internal personnel as well as audience members from the general public. To accommodate this, we set up an internal distribution server for their internal audience in addition to our standard hosting for the general public. This customization was rolled out in a 2 week window and now they can webcast whenever they want!

October 2010 - West49 Take the Cake - Watch it online or from your smart phone!

In October 2010, The Streaming Network was selected to Webcast the WEST 49 Take the Cake Skateboard Contest live from the Niagara Parkway. Facilitating a webcast from a park was made even more difficult by the fact that there was an appetite to do both a web and mobile broadcast. We were able to secure IP in advance of the event and successfully broadcasted the event to more than 10,000 skateboarding fans across 3 countries and to over 200 mobile users on Black Berry, I-Phone and Android Devices.

Click here for a demo of our mobile platform:
*Supported platforms: BlackBerry (model 8900 and later with OS 4.5 and up recommended), iPhone (OS 3 and up), iTouch and iPad. It also supports Android HTC Hero

September 2010 - Yes that's CBC Radio One...

In September 2010, The Streaming Network was selected to host the CBC Radio One Annual Public Meeting; a bi-lingual video webcast that allows CBC Radio One Leadership to speak with their stakeholders - i.e. all us tax payers who care about public broadcasting. This event is a great showcase of what webcasting can achieve. The CBC Radio One online standard is 16x9 FLASH video, which posed a challenge because in the conventional webcast format, these dimensions would equate to the video + slides not being able to fit into the player in an elegant way. Working alongside CBC designers, we developed a player that would support 16x9 while still allowing for conventional slide content. Getting the designer involved also added some flare to the power point element of the event...overall one of the best looking webcasts of the year!


September 2010 - Streaming Network goes to TIFF...streaming the whole way!

In September 2010, The Streaming Network received a call from the Spoke Agency, who was looking was looking to make a big splash for an Alliance Atlantis movie, FUBARII, set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Their idea? To have a flat bed truck drive around Toronto for 5 hours leading up to their premiere with a live band and appearances from the FUBARII cast, fully in character playing heavy metal classics while we streamed the entire time live via their Facebook Page. Easy Right?

Based on our experience with the Merry Minion project the year before, we had established a protocol for streaming using the BELL HSPA network, which allowed us to handle the live streaming "on the move" and with some quick thinking from the technical producer, we were able to get a custom Facebook app built for the event in 48 hours. The show had close to 10,000 live viewers and over 4,000 FUBARII fans "liked" the site on Facebook.

August 2010 - The most successful webcast the galaxy!

In 2007, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants' (CICA) Members' Services group started their free Webinar Program using the Webcast Center Platform. At that time they did had planned to do 1 event per month to an audience of approximately 100 and 150 attendees. By August 2010, that same group had 5 concurrent programs running, each with external sponsors and audiences of between 1000 and 3000 attendees! What was their secret? As their service provider watching the program evolve from the start, we believe their success can be attributed to consistency in the following areas:

1. Strong Content that is relevant to the participating audience
2. A reliable format the audience can depend on
3. Dedicated focus by the organizers on the quality of the events being delivered

This focus on consistently high quality resulted in the CICA expanding their partnership with The Streaming Network and asking us to build them a Webinar Studio, complete with microphones, a mixer and a telephone interface. This webinar studio is actually a converted boardroom used only for webinars, so the set up remains, which also enables consistency.

Click here to view the CICA Calendar

July 2010 - Your same old online learning program - only better!

Online Learning has turned into big business! In July 2010, The Streaming Network got involved with a number of projects where clients had been using online training already and were looking to add a more media rich experience. One such example was The Gout Institute, a virtual learning environment where Physicians, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals can go to view video learning modules, interact with other professionals and access white papers and other content related to the topic of Gout. As the learner moves through the Institute virtually, a briefcase follows them that stores documents they have downloaded and tracks what courses they have completed. Once they are ready to leave, they can download their briefcase and receive accreditation for those learning modules they have participated in. The entire program meets the Canadian College of Physicians guidelines and was produced by medical education experts' eMedComm.


June 2010 - Introducing the virtual set to corporate webcasting!

The trend in television news over the past decade has been to move away from studio sets and to increase the use of virtual ones. The virtual set allows broadcasters to make greater use of their studios; easily changing from one set to another for multiple shows. The technology (like any) was expensive when it was first developed, but thanks to companies like Newtek web broadcasters, we are now able to take advantage of virtual set technology. The early adopters were web based media outlets and in June 2010, The Streaming Network brought the technology to corporate webcasting with an ambitious webinar series for the Gowlings Law Firm. Often, when looking to shoot a video webcast for corporate clients, there are few choices for venues because the on-screen talent (usually business leaders) do not want to leave their offices and if they do, studios can be cost prohibitive. In the end, they are usually shot in a boardroom - and we all know that regardless of how much you try to dress up that boardroom, it is still a boardroom! Using a virtual set allows us to take that boardroom and change it into anything we want. The best part? This can be done for live broadcasts!

Check out this GOWLINGS event

Thinking about using a virtual set? Check out our Demo

May 2010 - From the old school to the new...Magna moves to onsite encoding!

As an early adopter of Video Webcasting, Magna has always utilized broadcast methods to deliver their AGM webcast, including satellite, broadcast fibre and microwave. In May 2010, following successful testing with an internal message, Magna moved to onsite encoding for their bi-lingual Annual General Meeting. Onsite Encoding is a method for delivering live video webcasts, which means The Streaming Network brings a mobile webcast encoding unit onsite to where the broadcast is originating from. In working with the venue in advance and testing the available IP, The Streaming Network is able to encode the signal at the source and send a single stream to our distribution servers where the viewers eventually view the webcast. Furthermore, since video needs to be processed fewer times, the quality stands up to or surpasses that of any of the of the "old school" methods.


April 2010 - How did the CEO talk to everyone at once? She installed reflector servers!

Webcasting is an extremely powerful tool for internal communications! It can facilitate a CEO, or other business leader, to communicate with all staff simultaneously in a dynamic fashion. Too often, internal networks are not fit to support live video to a desktop. Even for bandwidth-rich Hydro One, where the majority of staff was located at their Head Office or small outlying locations, this was still the case. Allowing everyone to pull a video stream from The Streaming Network's servers would have resulted in a very poor visual user experience - if any at all! Working alongside the Hydro One network team, we installed two media servers in strategic locations within the Hydro One Network, allowing those in HQ to pull the media from one server and those in the outlying offices to pull media from a server in their data center. The result? Over 2000 employees were able to watch their CEO deliver her address live with zero network limitations or bandwidth concerns!

March 2010 - Virtual stakeholder engagement - a growing industry!

For over 3 years we have been working with the Ontario Power Authority on their ground breaking stakeholder engagement programming, providing webcasting, webinars and event level conference call services as tools for reaching their stakeholders across the province. Our stakeholder portfolio later expanded to include consultations around the Metrolinx plan, TORONTO 2.0, and the Ontario Energy Board hearings. In March of 2010, we were able to take that experience to Alberta, where we worked with the Public Affairs and Immigration Departments on both stakeholder and outreach programs.

The model is pretty simple: take stakeholder events with a live audience and expand the reach by offering webcasts or webinars to stakeholders who are unable to attend in person. As the stakeholders become comfortable with the virtual tools, the process can naturally evolve to supplement the in-person events with intermittent virtual only communications. These events made up of virtual audiences only can be delivered in a far more cost-effective manner and involve less resource planning. On top of this, the stakeholders are communicated with more frequently and more feedback is received. Everybody wins!

March 2010 - The Webcast Center gets a reporting overhaul, thanks to RBC!

In 2009, The Streaming Network was chosen by RBC to host their Business Webinar Series. The program was so successful that in 2010 it was expanded to a larger audience and as a result, RBC wanted to expand their ability to gather viewer metrics. This prompted an overhaul of the Webcast Center Reporting module, which created fantastic tracking resources such as live and archive viewer duration tracking, download reporting, integrated Google Analytics and referral tracking . Referral tracking allowed RBC (and the rest of our clients) to accurately track the success of audience recruitment campaigns by getting detailed number breakdowns on which sites participants were accessing the event from.

Click here to see an overview of the reporting enhancements:

You can also access the March RBC Webinar focused on Financial Fraud Prevention here:

February 2010 - The Streaming Network goes to the Olympics...well, not physically!

In February 2010, The Streaming Network was selected to broadcast live from the Government of Alberta Pavilion during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The challenge: we couldn't send a producer on site to do the event. Working with Vancouver partners, we were able to secure internet and install encoders at the venue, which we controlled from Toronto. This enabled us to broadcast over 30 hours of performance by Alberta's talent throughout the Olympics. You can view some of the performances here.

January 2010 - From Bricks to Bites: Taking a conference Virtual heights!

Following the launch of in late 2009, we began marketing fully immersive virtual events in addition to our other offerings. The TESL Ontario Virtual Conference offered TESL members a single point of access to over 50 hours of learning activities, resource documents, peer-to-peer interaction and access to vendors in a virtual tradeshow format. It's really amazing how far virtual events have come since the advent of is a brave new world!

December 2009 - Taking our show on the road. Literally.

When Cossette West was looking for an innovative way to "Pay it forward" for their 2009 Christmas gift to clients, they imagined having a Minion running around the streets of Vancouver doing good deeds. On top of this, they wanted their clients to be able to watch live online and participate by asking the Minion to do things on their behalf. Luckily Bell had launched the HSPA mobile network a month earlier so we were able to rely on Wish Mobile to provide us with new HSPA Internet Sticks. From there, we were able to equip the Minion with a 4-inch HD lipstick camera, fastened to his baseball hat as well as a backpack encoder. To improve the end user experience, an additional camera and backpack encoder were added, which allowed viewers the ability to switch between the first person camera (on the Minion) and the secondary camera. Viewers would then enter deeds or pick from a list of good deeds for the Minion had to accomplish each day and off he went! Upon each deed's completion, the requestors name was displayed on screen and the tally of deeds grew in the upper right hand slide of the player. In total, we streamed live for 1 and 1/2 days with little interruption, covered 9 km of downtown Vancouver and watched the Minion do everything from giving clothes to the homeless to paying for subway rides. Over 1000 unique viewers watched the Minion complete 126 good deeds.

Check it out @

November 2009 - And the winner is...some other guy.

In June 2009, The Streaming Network was asked to participate in the Microsoft Canada Wide Events RFP. Although we felt honoured to be asked to participate, we thought they must have confused us with someone else since out of all the requirements listed in the RFP, only 20% were services that we offered. So, instead of submitting a response, we sent them the webcast below. We succeeded in getting shortlisted and the decision making committee contemplated severing the RFP for us! In November, we were informed that unfortunately, we were not selected. If anything, this exercise showed the power of our medium - there is no way we would have gotten as far as we did had we only sent in a written submission.

Click here to view our proposal - switch to Silverlight w/Firefox 3